Wordament Answers for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and Android Phones

Wordament is a popular word puzzle created by Microsoft. They created this initially for XBox Live and Windows mobile phones. Now they created the same version for iPhone 5S, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini.

How to cheat at Wordament using Wordament Solver?

Wordament Solver is very popular because players wants to know the highest scoring words so that they can rank higher. But it is not fun to cheat. And if you consistently doing it, Microsoft might ban you because they will notice that you rank very quickly in Wordament leader board.

Here are some of the popular Wordament words and puzzle that I encountered and I want to share it with you.

Word Solver Long Word

Wordament Answers Top Points

25 Preponderance
14 Dropper
13 Repower
12 Ponce
12 Endower
12 Respond
11 Pepos
11 Endows
11 Fender
11 Power

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