Smart released their own iPhone 5 prices for postpaid plans and prepaid offers. You can check the Globe iPhone 5 plans if you want to compare the two giant telcos offers.

Smart iPhone 5 Prepaid Price

  • iPhone 5 16GB – Php33,600
  • iPhone 5 32GB – Php38,780
  • iPhone 5 64GB – Php43,950

Smart iPhone 5 Postpaid Plans

iPhone 5 16GB iPhone 5 32GB iPhone 5 64GB
All-in 500 Php23,800 Php28,700 Php33,400
All-in 800 Php23,000 Php28,000 Php33,000
All-in 1200 Php19,800 Php24,000 Php29,400
All-in 1800 Php12,300 Php17,100 Php23,000
All-in 2500 Php7,500 Php12,000 Php16,700
Plan 999 Php23,976 Php28,800 Php34,800
Plan 2499 FREE FREE Php7,200
Data 1500 Php10,000 Php15,000 Php19,000
Data 2000 Php3,400 Php12,000 Php14,000
Data 3000 FREE FREE Php2,900

What do you think about these plans? Will you buy an iPhone 5 from Smart?

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