HypedMusic is a free Pandora alternative

HypedMusic is a free Pandora alternative

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HypedMusic launched a new iPhone 5 App that I believe will change the music streaming apps. Because it is a free Pandora alternative.

Pandora, Rdio and Spotify are all great in offering a music streaming apps but the monthly cost is usually the major factor why most users don’t want to jump in immediately.

HypedMusic is one of the free alternatives that we can enjoy because HypedMusic is legal. You can check their website if you want to read the proof before using it.

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HypedMusic Review

You can login using your Facebook account, search by artist or song, and you can even group them using playlists.

HypedMusic app is still new and I already love it because I can hear my favorite music for free as long as I have a decent Internet connection.

Major drawback is the buffering of music, which I believe they will fix it in the next release. Maybe they can also add more social integration and lists of top artists and songs for their next cycle of update. Hopefully they will improve it more.

HypedMusic is surely a decent free Pandora Alternative because you can even play it in background and no country restriction.

If you are using an Android phone like Samsung Galaxy SIII, you can download it via Google Play.

Try it now!

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