How to Sync Galaxy S3 to Mac?

How to Sync Galaxy S3 to Mac?

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If you are a first time user of Samsung Galaxy S3 and you are using a Mac or MacBook at home, I’m sure you want to know how to sync Galaxy S3 to Mac. I did encountered it because my wife just recently bought the new Samsung Android smartphone.

Follow these simple steps and you can enjoy your new gadgets. It is very easy to transfer Photos and Files using this software. Google created this to make sure that even a consumer who is using an Apple’s Mac or MacBook can quickly adapt to an Android Smartphone.


how to sync galaxy s3 to mac

How to Sync Galaxy S3 to Mac?

  1. Download the official “Android File Transfer” software for Mac here.
  2. Install the dmg file.
  3. Copy the “Android File Transfer” to your Mac “Application” folder.
  4. Open the newly installed software and you are now ready to sync your “Movies” and “Music”. Just drag and drop the file you want to copy.

Take note that if your Samsung Galaxy S3 is lock, you need to unlock it so that you can transfer file. Now that you know how to sync Galaxy S3 to Mac, you can now enjoy your new Android smartphone!

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