7 Little Words Answers Mountains

7 Little Words Answers Mountains

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Here are the 7 Little Words Answers – Mountains.

7 Little Words Mountains Level 1
place side by side is JUXTAPOSE
candlemaking substance is PARAFFIN
poison nullifier is ANTIDOTE
travel by car is MOTOR
long ribbons of pasta is LINGUINI
record new sounds on is OVERDUB
eliminate is PURGE

7 Little Words Mountains Level 2
very deep hole is ABYSS
older than dirt is ANCIENT
of untouchable importance is SACROSANCT
silver food fish is HERRING
meat stuffed in tubes is SAUSAGE
put up roadblocks is STYMIE

7 Little Words Mountains Level 3
ticket fee is ADMISSION
Larry Ellison’s tech company is ORACLE
all of us is EVERYBODY
deception is RUSE
partner of crossbones is SKULL
domineering is BOSSY
“Mad” magazine specialty is PARODY

7 Little Words Mountains Level 4
harvest output is YIELD
coarsely ground corn is HOMINY
not able to defend oneself is HELPLESS
result of subtraction is DIFFERENCE
short letter is NOTE
unexpected announcement is BOMBSHELL
gun or glaive is WEAPON

7 Little Words Mountains Level 5
unattractive is HOMELY
dull pain is ACHE
squeezebox is CONCERTINA
high singing voice is TREBLE
eschew the doorbell is KNOCK
silly is LOOPY
sprout is GERMINATE

7 Little Words Answers Clouds7 Little Words Mountains Level 6
socket insert is LIGHTBULB
not as large is SMALLER
snap is BREAK
unanticipated incident is ACCIDENT
launch preceder is COUNTDOWN
very tasty is DELECTABLE
soft wavering light is SHIMMER

7 Little Words Mountains Level 7
given to crying is WEEPY
Olive’s guy is POPEYE
Oregon Trail followers is SETTLERS
light touch is BRUSH
statement of petition is REQUEST
Beatles member John is LENNON
“of course” is NATURALLY

7 Little Words Mountains Level 8
shot to the chin is UPPERCUT
for a short time is BRIEFLY
unwavering is ADAMANT
grazing area is FIELD
state flower of Nevada is SAGEBRUSH
in good health is HALE
discrete quantity of energy is QUANTUM

7 Little Words Mountains Level 9
funny car’s brake is PARACHUTE
deceptive talk is JIVE
special talent is FORTE
at double time is QUICKLY
“Cool Runnings” star John is CANDY
swing dance is JITTERBUG

7 Little Words Mountains Level 10
guinea pig is CAVY
Diana Ross’s group is SUPREMES
Batman’s butler is ALFRED
work with a libretto and score is OPERA
abrasive product is SANDPAPER
increase in value is APPRECIATE
Venetian boatman is GONDOLIER

7 Little Words Mountains Level 11
intense enthusiasm is FERVOR
time away from work is LEISURE
groundskeeper’s ride is MOWER
having strict moral standards is PURITANICAL
well-versed writer is POET
study of language structures is GRAMMAR
free prize is GIVEAWAY

7 Little Words Mountains Level 12
substance rubbed on bows is ROSIN
Pacific Northwest state is OREGON
Han Solo’s first mate is CHEWBACCA
woman’s purse is CLUTCH
offer a caveat is WARN
sharing of secrets is CONFIDENCE
turnpike is TOLLWAY

7 Little Words Mountains Level 13
readily available is CONVENIENT
high-speed traffic site is FREEWAY
film equipment is PROJECTOR
use a vacuum is CLEAN
protection is SECURITY
“Curious” monkey is GEORGE
consisting of words is VERBAL

7 Little Words Mountains Level 14
Celine Dion or Shania Twain is CANADIAN
go backwards is REVERSE
make into a whole is UNIFY
carry on is CONTINUE
like some newspapers is DAILY
moveable piece of train track is SWITCH

7 Little Words Mountains Level 15
web master is SPIDER
surly is GRUFF
cut off from friends is LONESOME
not very interesting is FORGETTABLE
“likewise” is DITTO
lawsuit compensation is DAMAGES
chase is PURSUIT

7 Little Words Mountains Level 16
jounce up and down is DANDLE
unwise is FOOLISH
street intersection is CROSSING
medical care is TREATMENT
possible kickoff result is TOUCHBACK
exercise the mind is THINK
drill practice is DENTISTRY

7 Little Words Mountains Level 17
“Blow the Man Down,” for one is SHANTY
blow up is ENLARGE
blown away is STUNNED
ex-Beatles “Blow Away” singer is HARRISON
blowing up is EXPLODING
hit with an open-handed blow is SLAPPED
variety of blowfish is PUFFER

7 Little Words Mountains Level 18
degree of heat or cold is TEMPERATURE
sea dog is SAILOR
hip or cool is GROOVY
supreme ruler is DICTATOR
convincing evidence is PROOF
interminable is TIMELESS
one of The Judds is NAOMI

7 Little Words Mountains Level 19
course of food is DIET
excavating machine is DIGGER
calm under pressure is COOL
regular routine is GROOVE
engage in talking is CONVERSE
sauce-thickening process is REDUCTION
working idea is THEORY

7 Little Words Mountains Level 20
instructs is TEACHES
from around here is NATIVE
Carl Sagan television series is COSMOS
lines to read is TEXT
group of trees is GROVE
watchman is GUARD
able to answer is RESPONSIVE

7 Little Words Mountains Level 21
newspaper employee is JOURNALIST
endearing is SWEET
falling to pieces is UNDONE
realtor’s objective is OFFER
liquid, as lava is MOLTEN
conceited fop is COCKSCOMB
teeth neighbors is GUMS

7 Little Words Mountains Level 22
regular custom is HABIT
hive hobby is BEEKEEPING
corset piece is STAY
tremble is SHAKE
movie or painting is PICTURE
elephant in a kid’s book is BABAR

7 Little Words Mountains Level 23
watering hole is OASIS
watermelon remnant is RIND
water vapor is STEAM
type of waterfowl is MALLARDS
waterlogged is SATURATED
“Watership Down” creature is RABBIT
waterproofing material is SEALANT

7 Little Words Mountains Level 24
resonant part of a violin is SOUNDBOARD
four times a year is QUARTERLY
provide assistance is HELP
Mrs. C of “Happy Days” is MARION
not complicated is SIMPLE
work with film is DEVELOP
top of the world is POLE

7 Little Words Mountains Level 25
cold continent is ANTARCTICA
Nixon’s undoing is WATERGATE
perennial herb is ROSEMARY
showing cleverness is INGENIOUS
place in the mail is POST
language of Mexico is SPANISH
architecture style is GOTHIC

7 Little Words Mountains Level 26
turning point in history is LANDMARK
like the man in the street is AVERAGE
capital of Libya is TRIPOLI
vibration in the voice is TRILL
more succulent is JUICIER
see eye to eye is AGREE
defeat is OVERTHROW

7 Little Words Mountains Level 27
emit streams of light is RADIATE
regular practice is ROUTINE
lacking feeling is NUMB
penalty is INFRACTION
plumbing tool is SNAKE
failure to win is LOSS
stirring emotions is MOVING

7 Little Words Mountains Level 28
hit with a fine is PENALIZE
exhibit is DISPLAY
Senate influencer is LOBBYIST
radish or beet is ROOT
snipping tool is SCISSORS
meteorologist is WEATHERMAN
river opening is MOUTH

7 Little Words Mountains Level 29
stirring up old memories is SENTIMENTAL
part of a sonata is MOVEMENT
house mover is REALTOR
scatter to the four winds is DISPERSE
movie critic is REVIEWER
medicinal measure is DOSE
tiny portable computer is NETBOOK

7 Little Words Mountains Level 30
famous is CELEBRATED
consent is PERMISSION
it loves company is MISERY
impudence is NERVE
emitting alpha particles is RADIOACTIVE
page producer is PRINTER
gnawing mammal is RODENT

7 Little Words Mountains Level 31
upshot is CONCLUSION
uproar is CACOPHONY
upstanding is VIRTUOUS
uplifting is INSPIRING
uprising is REBELLION
upright piano is SPINET
upbeat is POSITIVE

7 Little Words Mountains Level 32
finding a position for is PLACEMENT
iPod accessory is DOCK
apply, as force is EXERT
Ohio city is AKRON
second thoughts is QUALMS
how you carry yourself is BEARING
dental problem is OVERBITE

7 Little Words Mountains Level 33
distressing is PAINFUL
small household item is NOTION
prickly shrub is BRIAR
one who goes by the book is STICKLER
containing pictures is ILLUSTRATED
look of contempt is SNEER
like a shrinking violet is BASHFUL

7 Little Words Mountains Level 34
cover, as with cooked onions is SMOTHER
parting word is GOODBYE
kind of truck is PICKUP
desert image is MIRAGE
firefighter’s goal is CONTAINMENT
news alert is BULLETIN
Pinocchio, for one is PUPPET

7 Little Words Mountains Level 35
remember is RECALL
kitten’s cry is MEOW
big name in glass is TIFFANY
kind of pink is REDDISH
pay attention to is MIND
“Gilligan’s Island” event is SHIPWRECK
slow-moving animal is TORTOISE

7 Little Words Mountains Level 36
reduce to strips is SHRED
money in the collection plate is DONATION
lag behind is TRAIL
thumb a ride is HITCHHIKE
Smokey Bear’s concern is FIRE
know by heart is MEMORIZE
tiny organisms is BACTERIA

7 Little Words Mountains Level 37
tires is FATIGUES
indecent is SHAMEFUL
tool or utensil is IMPLEMENT
society shunner is HERMIT
make further use of is RECYCLE
come to the rescue of is SAVE
whiteboard companion is MARKER

7 Little Words Mountains Level 38
cause to happen is EFFECT
Indiana native is HOOSIER
business of government is POLITICS
security is PROTECTION
rubbing the wrong way is ABRASIVE
run the wrong way is MISMANAGE
not so well is SICKLY

7 Little Words Mountains Level 39
askance is SIDEWAYS
hunch is INTUITION
tax paid on property is ASSESSMENT
contentious argument is CONTROVERSY
alternative to briefs is BOXERS
not hollow is SOLID
school dance is PROM

7 Little Words Mountains Level 40
glum is DOUR
socks is STOCKINGS
start a paragraph is INDENT
make a difference is MATTER
pick up the tab is TREAT
neighbor of Portugal is SPAIN

7 Little Words Mountains Level 41
non compos mentis is INSANE
one with a business interest is STAKEHOLDER
scalpel wielder is SURGEON
accidental occurrence is INCIDENT
“The Call of the Wild” author is LONDON
trash is REFUSE

7 Little Words Mountains Level 42
state with a panhandle is OKLAHOMA
one with foresight is VISIONARY
run a state is GOVERN
property handed down is LEGACY
charming quality is SWEETNESS
instinctive feeling is HUNCH
good name is REPUTATION

7 Little Words Mountains Level 43
away from the public is PRIVATE
plan a complicated event is ORCHESTRATE
keep within tight restrictions is STINT
occurred earlier is PREVIOUS
city adminstrator is MAYOR
abnormally expanded is SWOLLEN
sudden intake of breath is GASP

7 Little Words Mountains Level 44
take a shine to is FANCY
very intricate is COMPLICATED
ending suddenly is ABRUPT
endure defeat is SUFFER
court jester is FOOL
art revival is RENAISSANCE
mental strain is TENSION

7 Little Words Mountains Level 45
most populated island of Spain is TENERIFE
magnificent is SPLENDID
being is EXISTENCE
raise up is ELEVATE
take notice of is RECOGNIZE
protective garments is OVERALLS
carp is COMPLAIN

7 Little Words Mountains Level 46
bee flat is HIVE
flat-bottom boat is PONTOON
flattened hat is BERET
flat tire is BLOWOUT
what a flat drink lacks is CARBONATION
ran flat out is SPRINTED
flat bone across the chest is STERNUM

7 Little Words Mountains Level 47
spread from person to person is PROPAGATE
spread owner is RANCHERS
widespread is RIFE
bread spread is OLEO
spread on thickly is SLATHER
spreadsheet numbers is DATA
food in a fancy spread is CAVIAR

7 Little Words Mountains Level 48
resisting wear is DURABLE
communication is INTERACTION
continue is SUBSIST
course of conduct is POLICY
“order in the court!” is SILENCE
reliable is TRUSTWORTHY

7 Little Words Mountains Level 49
friend of Snap and Pop is CRACKLE
snappy comeback is ZINGER
alternative to snaps is VELCRO
hat with a snap brim is FEDORA
snapping turtle’s home is POND
snap the “bracelets” on is HANDCUFF
snappish is PETULANT

7 Little Words Mountains Level 50
part of a job hunt is INTERVIEW
bone-retrieval board game is OPERATION
Petula Clark hit song is DOWNTOWN
wearing a hidden mike is WIRED
in the usual manner is CUSTOMARY
city official is ALDERMAN
rough in manner is BRUSQUE

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