7 Little Words Answers for Tulips

7 Little Words Answers for Tulips

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7 Little Words Answers Tulips Level 1

mysterious is ARCANE
staying out of sight is HIDING
mournful is PLAINTIVE
calumny is SLANDER
street game is STOOPBALL
jumbled mass is AGGLOMERATE
isolation is SOLITUDE

7 Little Words Tulips Level 2

food elevator is DUMBWAITER
like some gowns is STRAPLESS
web surfer is USER
poetic dawn is DAYSPRING
gasoline quantity is TANKFUL
inevitable fate is DESTINY
word processor command is PASTE

7 Little Words Tulips Level 3

slight or superficial is SKETCHY
cotton fabric is CHINTZ
short movie scene is VIGNETTE
sightseer is TOURIST
make memorable is IMMORTALIZE
remove from competition is DISQUALIFY
rude push is SHOVE

7 Little Words Tulips Level 4

independent is AUTONOMOUS
Captain Hook’s fear is CROCODILE
analyze the cause of is DIAGNOSE
old laundry device is WRINGER
seventh planet from the sun is URANUS
map within a map is INSET
rudely bold behavior is IMPUDENCE

7 Little Words Tulips Level 5

Israel’s largest city is JERUSALEM
uncivilized is BARBARIC
casual is UNHURRIED
guns is FIREARMS
southwestern thicket is CHAPARRAL
dryer trap accumulation is LINT

7 Little Words Tulips Level 6

get used to is ACCUSTOM
cinematic technique is FLASHBACK
bee’s load is POLLEN
like cobwebs is GOSSAMER
soup stock is BOUILLON
Brownie maker is KODAK
overconfident racer is HARE

7 Little Words Tulips Level 7

untanned skin is PELT
said again is ECHOED
put one’s foot down is STOMP
requiring tact is TICKLISH
in need of a shave is SCRUFFY
large sailing ship is WINDJAMMER
head protection is HELMET

7 Little Words Tulips Level 8

sparkling crown is TIARA
insanely foolish act is LUNACY
sweet-smelling is AROMATIC
order from the court is MANDATE
where Genghis Khan ruled is MONGOLIA
hand protector is POTHOLDER

7 Little Words Tulips Level 9

radio transmitter-receiver is TRANSPONDER
public display is EXHIBITION
it has many screens is MULTIPLEX
bug out is EVACUATE
superficial gloss is GILT
networking device is ROUTER
bee activity is QUILTING

7 Little Words Tulips Level 10

text-searching element is KEYWORD
emir’s cousin is SULTAN
earthquake is SEISM
loud, like applause is THUNDEROUS
haiku or tanka is POEM
dry out is DEHYDRATE
without a doubt is SURE

7 Little Words Tulips Level 11

like some hands is HIRED
demand money for secrets is BLACKMAIL
telescope housing is OBSERVATORY
abandoned is FORSAKEN
armor piece is BREASTPLATE
kind of jury is PETIT
ducktail or mullet is HAIRSTYLE

7 Little Words Tulips Level 12

residential area is SUBURB
vegetable roughage is FIBER
took off is WENT
ornamentation in wood is SCROLLWORK
astringent is STYPTIC
merciless is UNFORGIVING
disproportionate is EXCESSIVE

7 Little Words Tulips Level 13

a great buy is STEAL
beekeeping is APICULTURE
female object of affection is GIRLFRIEND
list of signatures is PETITION
under the briny is SUNKEN
leave the group is SECEDE
delay to gain time is TEMPORIZE

7 Little Words Tulips Level 14

annoyance is IRRITATION
medical treatment is DOCTORING
unit of local government is TOWNSHIP
people of the Pyrenees is BASQUES
South American monkey is TITI
longest river in Europe is VOLGA
private eye is GUMSHOE

7 Little Words Tulips Level 15

feeling dissatisfaction is FRUSTRATED
capital of Texas is AUSTIN
Arab leader is SHEIK
“board” of education is SHINGLE
fear of heights is ACROPHOBIA
kind of lead is COMMANDING
skein member is GOOSE

7 Little Words Tulips Level 16

refuse to cooperate is STONEWALL
coin-op record player is JUKEBOX
capital of Peru is LIMA
expensive cut of meat is TENDERLOIN
set aside for a specific use is DEVOTE
up on deck is TOPSIDE
juice extractor is REAMER

7 Little Words Tulips Level 17

thrash is FLAGELLATE
nickname for Hollywood is TINSELTOWN
where engines are kept is FIREHOUSE
bring in from overseas is IMPORT
argot is LINGO
respiratory organ in fish is GILL
one who wires for money is ELECTRICIAN

7 Little Words Tulips Level 18

tree bark layer is CAMBIUM
story with a moral is FABLE
small quake is TREMOR
amphibian or stove is SALAMANDER
on the hunt is PREDATORY
file cabinet content is FOLDER
garlicky dish is SCAMPI

7 Little Words Tulips Level 19

answer is RESPOND
test answer is FALSE
he reads the answers on TV is TREBEK
answer to a question is REFUTATION
multiplication problem answer is PRODUCT
indefinite answer is POSSIBLY
answerable is LIABLE

7 Little Words Tulips Level 20

old name for sulfur is BRIMSTONE
uninjured is INVIOLATE
bonus entertainment is ENCORE
potbelly is PAUNCH
political science is GOVERNMENT
rabies vaccine scientist is PASTEUR
charmer is CUTIE

7 Little Words Tulips Level 21

hot day is SCORCHER
not so hot is MEDIOCRE
hot drink is ESPRESSO
work over a hot stove is SLAVE
like a hot pepper is SPICY
hot under the collar is FUMING
hot oven for pottery is KILN

7 Little Words Tulips Level 22

real estate parcel is SUBDIVISION
heavy silk fabric is SAMITE
game designer’s concern is PLAYABILITY
brought about is CAUSED
kind of chocolate cookie is TOLLHOUSE
unscrupulous attorney is PETTIFOGGER

7 Little Words Tulips Level 23

like some orange juice is PULPY
clean up a text is BOWDLERIZE
southern breakfast dish is GRITS
ashamed is MORTIFIED
atomic element 96 is CURIUM
peaceful is SEDATE
pollen, for some is ALLERGEN

7 Little Words Tulips Level 24

Renaissance artist is DONATELLO
thankfulness is GRATITUDE
trustworthy is DEPENDABLE
chew noisily is CHOMP
having a good time is AMUSED
part of a telephone is HANDSET
pretty up is PRIMP

7 Little Words Tulips Level 25

mandible is JAWBONE
defender of the Alamo is CROCKETT
not a fly ball is GROUNDER
nickname for a rich person is MONEYBAGS
multi-layered dessert is BOMBE
be enough is SUFFICE
small frog is PEEPER

7 Little Words Tulips Level 26

taboo is FORBIDDEN
harbinger is PREDICTOR
harbinger is FORERUNNER
messenger is HERALD
insect-eating bird is PHOEBE
conjecture is THEORIZE
bizarre is FREAKY

7 Little Words Tulips Level 27

ones to pass the ball to is TEAMMATES
natural spring is OUTPOURING
fatty tissue is FLAB
drop steeply is PLUNGE
where some carry a chip is SHOULDER
syringe, briefly is HYPO
evoking tenderness is TOUCHING

7 Little Words Tulips Level 28

stove unit is BURNER
unconditionally is FLATLY
regret sinning is REPENT
radio show emcee is ANNOUNCER
arousing curiosity is INTRIGUING
certitude is FINALITY
staircase post is NEWEL

7 Little Words Tulips Level 29

dark red apple is WINESAP
apple polisher is COURTIER
home of the Eiffel Tower is PARIS
gland near the Adam’s apple is THYROID
mix apples and oranges is CROSSBREED
baked apple dish is CRISP
scientist bonked by an apple is NEWTON

7 Little Words Tulips Level 30

benevolence is GOODWILL
larger part of a continent is MAINLAND
period of youth is BOYHOOD
bonehead is DULLARD
old-fashioned is FUSTY
tournament seed is RANKING
living thing is CREATURE

7 Little Words Tulips Level 31

logy loafer is SLUGGARD
cause to limp is HOBBLE
application of science to work is TECHNOLOGY
outlawed is BANNED
the powers that be is REGIME
segregation policy is APARTHEID
weather forecast is CLOUDY

7 Little Words Tulips Level 32

climb to the top of is SURMOUNT
sound of moving leaves is RUSTLE
sudden change in life is VICISSITUDE
go over again and again is REHASH
skirmish is FRAY
come to light is EMERGE
overused phrase is CLICHE

7 Little Words Tulips Level 33

edible is COMESTIBLE
not far away is NEARBY
profoundly touching is POIGNANT
wearing a plume on your helmet is CRESTED
like a dense fog is SOUPY
make certain is ASSURE
hero worship is ADMIRATION

7 Little Words Tulips Level 34

in the realm of possibility is DOABLE
classify is CATEGORIZE
ornamental network is TRACERY
highly selective is CHOOSY
bit of charred material is CINDER
obsessive preoccupation is FIXATION
upside-down e in phonetics is SCHWA

7 Little Words Tulips Level 35

made of dirt is EARTHEN
arrogance is HAUTEUR
empty talk is MALARKEY
component of vitamin B complex is NIACIN
ranch animals is LIVESTOCK
passport info is NAME
acute food shortage is FAMINE

7 Little Words Tulips Level 36

tailor’s work is ALTERATION
chatty bird is MYNAH
elegant or refined is COURTLY
get at slyly is IMPLY
Congressional runner is PAGE
plucking of a violin is PIZZICATO
make someone’s mouth water is TANTALIZE

7 Little Words Tulips Level 37

dated, as humor is CORNY
casual or carefree is BREEZY
John-Boy and family is WALTONS
slippery lawyer is SHYSTER
open hostility is DEFIANCE
wrestle a rodeo calf is BULLDOG
frivolous prank is CAPER

7 Little Words Tulips Level 38

angry reaction is BACKLASH
taken away is CONFISCATED
Jack Webb TV series is DRAGNET
custard dish is FLAN
they get carved in trunks is INITIALS
preying insect is MANTIS

7 Little Words Tulips Level 39

industrial chimney is SMOKESTACK
wreath for the head is ANADEM
unspoken is TACIT
Central American nation is GUATELAMA
glittery decoration is SPANGLE
beat around the bush is PREVARICATE
wash clothes is LAUNDER

7 Little Words Tulips Level 40

widespread through the Web is VIRAL
lyrical poem of French origin is RONDEAU
potential client is PROSPECT
financial ruin is BANKRUPTCY
suspicious of everyone is PARANOID
sound of spurs is JANGLE
Pacific island nation is KIRIBATI

7 Little Words Tulips Level 41

tough nut to crack is POSER
like some peanuts is ROASTED
turtles’ nut is PECAN
shape of some nuts is HEXAGON
be nuts about is IDOLIZE
oval-shaped nut is ALMOND
nutty individual is CRACKPOT

7 Little Words Tulips Level 42

flower pinned to the lapel is CORSAGE
short race is SPRINT
French draft horse is PERCHERON
like a wintry landscape is SNOWY
military unit is BATTALION
pinata striker’s handicap is BLINDFOLD
go sour, as milk is CURDLE

7 Little Words Tulips Level 43

summit is TIPTOP
ill-gotten gains is LOOT
security guard is WATCHMAN
intensify is ACCENTUATE
foot woe is BUNION
save from the scrap heap is SALVAGE
tundra-dwelling rodent is LEMMING

7 Little Words Tulips Level 44

jab is POKE
high window is DORMER
group of quails is BEVY
arousing disgust is LOATHSOME
what a budget should be is BALANCED
prompt with the next line is REMIND
suspenseful nonending is CLIFFHANGER

7 Little Words Tulips Level 45

like a sloven is SLOPPY
one of a meek nature is MILQUETOAST
pregnancy period is TRIMESTER
college student’s declaration is MAJOR
simple house is COTTAGE
multi-masted ship is BARQUE
used for feeling is TACTILE

7 Little Words Tulips Level 46

honey pot is CRUSE
behind the scenes is SECRETLY
large wardrobe is ARMOIRE
sonorousness is RESONANCE
sumptuous is LUSH
awry is WONKY
public squares is PLAZAS

7 Little Words Tulips Level 47

contaminated is POLLUTED
manipulate voting districts is GERRYMANDER
light greenish blue is AQUAMARINE
popular Hawaiian beach is WAIKIKI
veil material is TULLE
meal is REPAST
lacking muscle is SCRAWNY

7 Little Words Tulips Level 48

flattened, fried cornbread is JOHNNYCAKE
popped the question is PROPOSED
lawn waterer is SPRINKLER
lodging for troops is BILLET
sudden gust of wind is WILLIWAW
be effusive is GUSH
student of language is PHILOLOGIST

7 Little Words Tulips Level 49

lamentable is PITIFUL
foolhardiness is DESPERATION
outdoor furniture material is WICKER
repugnant is ODIOUS
folksy is CORNPONE
evening meal is SUPPER
strain a muscle, perhaps is OVERDO

7 Little Words Tulips Level 50

large food fish is GROUPER
sunken panel in architecture is COFFER
made clean is PURIFIED
race starter is GUNSHOT
stellar radio wave source is QUASAR
river-to-sea transition zone is ESTUARY
goal of a vacation is RELAXATION

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