7 Little Words Answers Sunrise

7 Little Words Answers Sunrise

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7 Little Words is a puzzle game created by Blue Ox Technologies Ltd. It is very fun to play with it. Thats why we would like to share the 7 Little Words Answers Sunrise.

Sunrise has 50 Levels. Multiplied that with 7 and it will have 350 words alone. Now that’s fun.

According to Blue Ox- Each bite-size puzzle consists of 7 clues, 7 mystery words, and 20 letter groups. Find the mystery words by deciphering the clues and combining the letter groups.

7 Little Words is also a good way to exercise your brain muscles. It is available for download in your iPhone, iPad and Android smart phones.

7 Little Words Answers and Cheats:

7 little words answers sunshineSunrise Level 1
chess piece is KNIGHT
four-score is EIGHTY
piratical disease is SCURVY
snakes is COBRAS
roller skating waitress is CARHOP
harmless is BENIGN
something to eat is CHOW

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 2

booms is THUNDERS
helix is SPIRAL
3/4 dance is WALTZ
bunny food is CARROTS
fancy cup is GOBLET
nautical greeting is AHOY
orbiting sphere is PLANET

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 3

flat top is PLATEAU
stretchy stuff is SPANDEX
not a nice guy is SCOUNDREL
not very fancy is SPARTAN
stays away from is AVOIDS
whirlwind is TORNADO
desires is WANTS

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 4

tippy boat is CANOE
Mexican sauce is SALSA
portable canopy is UMBRELLA
sell illegally is TRAFFIC
opera star Lanza is MARIO
facial hair is MUSTACHE
increasing is WAXING

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 5

baby kangaroo is JOEY
The Milkmaid artist is VERMEER
lives under the sea is SPONGEBOB
sugar transformed is CARAMEL
splits in two is DIVIDES
dimestore novel is PAPERBACK
unwanted email is SPAM

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 6
plush bear is TEDDY
land bridge is ISTHMUS
Arthur’s childhood nickname is WART
sheds light is LANTERN
barrel maker is COOPER
island State is HAWAII
good for you is BENEFICIAL

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 7
without fault is BLAMELESS
extra is SPARE
used up is SPENT
triangular sail is SPINNAKER
Italian dessert is TIRAMISU
release anger is VENT
lightbulb developer is EDISON

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 8
keeps a baby dry is DIAPER
hard substance is DIAMOND
worth something is VALUABLE
small amount is PINCH
lobby is VESTIBULE
not a bear is PANDA
fake is SHAM

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 9
tossed veggies is SALAD
nurture is FOSTER
tortilla chips is DORITOS
stylishly sophisticated is CLASSY
flying machine is HELICOPTER
pass over is SKIP

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 10
make angry is INFURIATE
suppress is STIFLE
green-headed duck is MALLARD
rowing is CREW
wonderful is MAGNIFICENT
fashionable is TRENDY

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 11
native American tribe is HOPI
teacup mate is SAUCER
Ulysses or Cary is GRANT
penguin is ROCKHOPPER
green’s complement is MAGENTA
afternoon nap is SIESTA
thorny bushes is BRAMBLES

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 12
with identity hidden is INCOGNITO
spherical toys is MARBLES
strongly attractive is MAGNETIC
timepiece is WATCH
Price Is Right’s Bob is BARKER
Garfield’s food of choice is LASAGNA
West African nation is GHANA

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 13
military headquarters is PENTAGON
cancel is MOTHBALL
be indecisive is WAVER
free of germs is STERILE
hunts wabbits is ELMER
pastry is DANISH
citrus fruit is ORANGE

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 14
skull is CRANIUM
Chilean capital is SANTIAGO
big bear is KODIAK
hot pepper is HABANERO
reversible word is PALINDROME
action word is VERB
shoe grip is CLEAT

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 15
enough is PLENTY
makes a choice is DECIDES
board is PLANK
causing harm is DAMAGING
defendant’s adversary is PLAINTIFF
goes between bricks is MORTAR
mix thoroughly is BLEND

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 16
Italian cheese is ASIAGO
Moonlight Sonata composer is BEETHOVEN
floating abode is HOUSEBOAT
fraudulent offer is SCAM
British fries is CHIPS
strike hands together is CLAP
Alexandrian wonder is LIBRARY

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 17
monkey of genus Papio is BABOON
boat captain is SKIPPER
Wally’s kid brother is BEAVER
way out is EXIT
appear threateningly is LOOM
terse is SUCCINCT
weave out of control is FISHTAIL

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 18
Elvis flick is CLAMBAKE
white long-legged bird is STORK
Bizet opera is CARMEN
top of the mountain is SUMMIT
obvious is BLATANT
foreigner is ALIEN
fries quickly is SAUTES

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 19
fastener is STAPLE
six-string is GUITAR
near the equator is TROPICAL
spins around is ROTATES
one who scales is CLIMBER
stage drama is PLAY
railroad bridge is TRESTLE

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 20
explore caves is SPELUNK
Carole King opus is TAPESTRY
gather is CORRAL
reef building block is CORAL
Maine crustacean is LOBSTER
transitory is TEMPORARY
one who flees is FUGITIVE

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 21
nascent is BUDDING
fellow is CHAP
entwined is TANGLED
malt source is BARLEY
alter without permission is TAMPER
hidden is VEILED
unintelligible speech is MUMBLE

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 22
unmeasured serving is DOLLOP
oblong yarn balls is SKEINS
stumbles is TRIPS
automatic reactions is REFLEXES
tropical fruit is PAPAYA
almost is NEARLY
mushrooms is FUNGI

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 23
fancy supper is BANQUET
bending easily is PLIABLE
flying grasshopper is LOCUST
baked fruit pastry is STRUDEL
expels violently is VOMITS
unkind practical joke is PRANK
Larry, Moe, and Curly is STOOGES

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 24
complain is GRIPE
ship’s steering wheel is HELM
cosmetic powder is TALCUM
Burma is MYANMAR
spotted horse breed is APPALOOSA
spice made from peppers is PAPRIKA
win a victory is CLINCH

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 25
powerhouse is DYNAMO
nervous movement is FIDGET
sequester is CLOISTER
purple dinosaur is BARNEY
medieval code is CHIVALRY
four quarts is GALLON
deflect is PARRY

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 26
weatherman’s prognostication is FORECAST
prenuptial party is SHOWER
Cinderella’s deadline is MIDNIGHT
for the most part is MAINLY
reindeer is CARIBOU
fortified wine is PORT
musical line is MELODY

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 27
British sausage is BANGER
apportion is PARCEL
Australia’s Great Reef is BARRIER
koala food is EUCALYPTUS
say how you feel is OPINE
adding up to is TOTALING
make dirty is SOIL

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 28
cast out is BANISH
stew in white gravy is FRICASSEE
Agassi’s sport is TENNIS
Polynesian nation is TUVALU
ongoing is CHRONIC
New Zealander is KIWI
Fawlty Towers bellhop is MANUEL

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 29
high cliffs is PRECIPICES
counting is CENSUS
grape variety is SHIRAZ
Ayers Rock is ULURU
posts to Twitter is TWEETS
culpability is BLAME
musical speed is TEMPO

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 30
handgun is PISTOL
not stereo is MONAURAL
Port Phillip city is MELBOURNE
Microsoft’s Bill is GATES
Messier object 45 is PLEIADES
flag is BANNER
type of wheat is DURUM

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 31
hearty Tuscan soup is RIBOLLITA
Norwegian porridge is ROMMEGROT
midwife is DOULA
man of vision is OPTICIAN
enthusiast is BUFF
subdivision of Louisiana is PARISH
fishing boat is TRAWLER

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 32
tree bearing catkins is WILLOW
na?ve person is GOBEMOUCHE
tree with peeling bark is BIRCH
part of a PA system is LOUDSPEAKER
economic concern is INFLATION
flower used in perfumes is JASMINE
king with a sword over him is DAMOCLES

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 33
musky catlike animal is CIVET
stifled laugh is SNICKER
molded crown is CORNICE
walked like Paul Bunyan is LUMBERED
order too much inventory is OVERSTOCK
send to a computer is UPLOAD
shut down is DEACTIVATE

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 34
pertinence is RELEVANCE
sound heard when calling ewe is BLEAT
ask a question is QUERY
architectural base is PEDESTAL
ham radio band is SHORTWAVE
tetched is BATTY
without a saddle is BAREBACK

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 35
take to court is PROSECUTE
shocking is SCANDALOUS
anchor blade is FLUKE
brooding is MOODY
identical is SAME
protruding collar for support is FLANGE
katana wielder is SAMURAI

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 36
small rounded hill is KNOLL
pine or spruce, for instance is EVERGREEN
period around noon is LUNCHTIME
haptophobic’s fear is TOUCH
Mojave Desert city is NEEDLES
overexposure redness is SUNBURN
kitchen remodel purchase is COUNTERTOP

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 37
shrieked is SCREAMED
having a way with words is ELOQUENT
infernal is BLASTED
unsettled is QUEASY
card game is RUMMY
concealed is HIDDEN
profoundly moving is POIGNANT

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 38
tragic upheaval is CATACLYSM
nuclear tragedy is MELTDOWN
tragic is SHOCKING
miseries arising from tragedy is WOES
minor tragedy is MISFORTUNE
sudden tragedy is CATASTROPHE
tragedy by Euripides is ELECTRA

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 39
actor’s substitute is UNDERSTUDY
sugar substitute is NUTRASWEET
actress’s substitute is STUNTWOMAN
substitute governor is SURROGATE
emergency substitute is BACKUP
cheap substitute is ERSATZ
substitute worker is TEMP

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 40
affected refusal is ACCISMUS
not living forever is MORTAL
puts up roadblocks is STYMIES
below the surface is SUBLIMINAL
elimination is ERADICATION
panel member is JUROR
Port-au-Prince is its capital is HAITI

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 41
forest dweller is SYLVAN
great interest is ENTHUSIASM
play piano for, say is ACCOMPANY
western African nation is CAMEROON
safeguard is PRECAUTION
kiss is BUSS
South American cowboy is GAUCHO

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 42
cleaning is HOUSEWORK
furtive moving is STEALTH
flawlessly clean is IMMACULATE
extra tidy is FASTIDIOUS
ancient city is TROY
at a high cost is PYRRHIC
FM receiver is RADIO

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 43
make larger is ACCRETE
ridiculous is OUTLANDISH
impressive or majestic is SUBLIME
jester is BUFFOON
eccentric is CRACKPOT
put in order is ORGANIZE
customary is CONVENTIONAL

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 44
strange is ABNORMAL
spontaneously playful is WHIMSICAL
chick’s cry is PEEP
device used on some screens is STYLUS
one in music up to his chin is VIOLINIST
detail-oriented is METICULOUS
arrogant is OVERBEARING

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 45
neural junction is SYNAPSE
remove foreign elements is PURIFY
restaurant booking is RESERVATION
foolishness is ABSURDITY
depreciation is SHRINKAGE
armored mammal is ARMADILLO
of the universe is COSMIC

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 46
debased caricature is TRAVESTY
badly distorted is GROTESQUE
look like is RESEMBLE
be too sweet is CLOY
without a care is THOUGHTLESS
sci-fi invader is MARTIAN
fall apart is CRUMBLE

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 47
thought to be true is PUTATIVE
fatherhood is PATERNITY
yarn bundle is HANK
one who thinks he’s clever is SOPHIST
gloomy is LUGUBRIOUS
gloomy is SATURNINE
make a miasma is POLLUTE

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 48
microscope dye is STAIN
gloomy is FUNEREAL
one cheering you on is SUPPORTER
shortage is DEARTH
pulleylike structure is TROCHLEA
old Grecian currency is DRACHMA
rescue illumination is SEARCHLIGHT

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 49
extend is PROLONG
down in the dumps is MOROSE
subtle gossip is INNUENDO
provoking fear is SCARY
close-knit group is PHALANX
in good spirits is CHEERFUL
ringmaster, for one is SHOWMAN

7 Little Words Sunrise Level 50
kitchen leader is CHEF
hair curler is BEAUTICIAN
government of the few is OLIGARCHY
government takeover is COUP
not military is CIVILIAN
hiring of relatives is NEPOTISM
college graduates is ALUMNI

7 Little Words Answers Sunrise is done. Next 7 Little Words Answers Chocolate.

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