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5 ways to use your old iPhone

Everyone has a junk drawer that is filled with old electronics and items that we no longer use. Instead of clearing out the old drawer and throwing away all the items, you need to make sure that you make good use of the items. You do not have to be worried about your old iPhone as it can be used for various purposes. When people upgrade their old phones, they suddenly have no use of their old phones and these cell phones get a backseat in the life and are stacked in the old drawers and cupboards. Read these tips to find out how you can repurpose your old iPhone.

Use It To Entertain the Kids

You can download the kid-friendly applications and games and use the old phone to entertain the kids for hours. The old phones can keep the kids hooked for hours during the long trips. You need to make sure that you use the parental control feature on the iPhone to block the adult content. If the iPhone’s battery is not working properly or the screen is not up to the mark, make sure that you take help from companies that offer affordable phone repair in Los Angeles CA.

Use it as a security camera

You can also use the old iPhone to record surveillance footage of the home while you are away. There are different applications that can be used to stream live footage from the old phone to the new one. Old iPhones have less storage option and they can only be used for basic surveillance.

Use it as a remote control for the Television

Lost the remote control in the cushions again? There are different cable operators that offer multiple applications which allow you to control the television and record your favorite shows. Simply mount the old iPhone in the living room and use it as an alternative to your traditional TV remote.

Use it like an iPod:

Between photos, apps, texts and more, there is a strong chance that you might run out of storage on the new smartphone. With music files and music streaming applications, you have made your phone a glorified iPod Touch. If you do not feel like hauling around with another phone simply for the music, consider hooking the old phone to the home speaker.